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  • Innovative Product for Multifamily Projects

    USP has developed a hanger for firewalls that allows all of the wood framing to be installed prior to installing the gyp board.  It looks pretty interesting.

  • TEXT in Revit 2017

    Let the people rejoice!  It looks like randomly shuffling text lines in Revit is a thing of the past.  In Revit 2017 the text editor has been majorly updated.

  • Bluebeam2016 – Revit spaces can export to pdf!

    For anyone that has worked with us, you probably know that we love Bluebeam!  The newest version of Revu has been released and one great feature that ought to be very exciting for folks that do punchlists with Revu is that the Revit Addin now will translate rooms from Revit to spaces on the pdf.…

  • Time History Analysis in RISA

    We are very excited that the newest version of RISA 3D now has time history analysis!  This opens up some new ways that we can use RISA to solve both seismic problems and Vibration problems. how-to-make-a-time-history-animated-video

  • LP Smart Panel and Braced Wall Requirements

    LP Smart Panel is a great product that is used frequently on the sides and rear of houses to provide a nice looking exterior that is also very economical.  One item to consider when using this product is that double nailing at the rabbeted panel joints is required to meet IRC braced wall requirements.  This would…