John Nero, PE

Structural Engineer

John is a Kansas City native (after moving to the area at a young age) and enjoys the variety of projects that Stand performs in the KC area and throughout the country.  John has 10+ years of experience working on a range of joint venture, design-build & fast-track projects in both design and field engineering roles and particularly enjoys “seeing the project through to completion” while supporting the construction phase of projects.  John is a registered professional engineer and earned his BS degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Missouri.

Outside of work, John enjoys spending as much time as possible with his family, traveling to new places, exploring new hobbies, and exposing his young son to the great outdoors.  This usually includes a variety of camping and backpacking trips, cycling adventures, pretty much any activity in the mountains regardless of the season, and ideally some river trips in the future as his son grows a little older.