Josh Davis

Structural Designer

Josh has a unique career background, bringing a hands-on perspective to the projects he works on with Stand. He began his career as a carpenter and a mason, spending nearly 10 years working under a licensed contractor in Lawrence, KS. From concrete work to framing to fine finish work, he has hands on experience many designers don’t. With an emphasis on working on older buildings, Josh had a chance to work on some special projects, including being the lead mason in the restoration of the Murphy-Bromelsick House, a 200-ton stone and brick home that was moved 2 blocks and restored as a monument to vernacular architecture at Hobbs Park in Lawrence.

During this time, Josh and his wife restored an 1860’s era brick home, including rebuilding 2 legs of the foundation and building an addition that doubled its size. For their efforts, they were given the Preservation Achievement Award by the Lawrence Preservation Alliance.

Addressing the structural challenges of a project were always Josh’s favorite part of his job. So in 2004 he returned to school at the University of Kansas to study structural engineering. While in school he continued to work as a licensed contractor and was a founding partner in a Lawrence based design-build company. In December of 2008 Josh received his BS degree in Civil Engineering.

In April of 2008, Josh was privileged to take a position working on the Kansas Statehouse Exterior Masonry Restoration Package. A 4-year, $40 million project, Josh served as Field Engineer providing services in quality control, construction administration, and supplemental design. The Kansas Statehouse was a wonderful project, granting Josh experience in repairing stone elements from the finest hand carved details to replacing 6000-pound stone blocks.

Upon completing the Statehouse work, Josh continued focusing his engineering efforts on masonry restoration. He helped to design repairs to many historic projects across the state of Kansas as well as addressing issues in modern masonry wall systems.

Josh has extensive experience in restoration and enjoys solving problems on existing buildings. In his spare time, he enjoys time with his family, playing guitar, volunteering locally, and fixing up yet another old home.